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Reading gets you places...

Literacy Volunteers of East Bay, an EBCAP program, provides one-to-one tutoring and small group classes for adults over the age of 18. These services are free and confidential. They are available to residents of East Providence, Barrington, Warren, Bristol, Portsmouth, Tiverton, Little Compton, Middletown, Newport, and Jamestown. This year, our volunteers delivered over 4,000 hours of instruction.

“In 2005, the Providence Journal reported that forty-seven percent of Rhode Island’s adult population reads at the sixth-grade level or below.”

Marty Liebowitz, Amy Robins and Jerry Rubin,
Rising to the Literacy Challenge: Building Adult Education Systems in New England

Thousands of adults throughout the East Bay lack basic prose literacy skills. They cannot read a bus schedule or interpret the instructions on a prescription bottle.

NAALS survey 2003

With the help of our passionate and talented team of volunteer tutors, LVEB students experience real results and life-long change. They increase their ability to:

  • get and progress in jobs,

  • help their children in school, and

  • improve the quality of their living standards.

“You don’t know how my life changed.”
Ms. M. East Providence

Reading changes lives.
Low-literacy adults are missing the critical skills that they need to thrive at work and in society.

“Finally I can write checks by myself.”
Mr. S., Newport

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